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The Code of Honor

Embracing Ethics in Cybersecurity


We need to make sure now more than ever that cybersecurity professionals have solid character and a strong sense of ethics.

This book provides the necessary ethical framework.

Code of Honor

The Code of Honor: Embracing Ethics in Cybersecurity

A comprehensive and practical framework for ethical practices in contemporary cybersecurity

While professions like medicine, law, and engineering have wholeheartedly embraced established codes of ethics and conduct, the field of cybersecurity has lacked a universal standard, posing a significant threat to global safety, commerce, and innovation.

In response, The Code of Honor: Embracing Ethics in Cybersecurity delivers a first-of-its-kind comprehensive discussion about the ethically challenging world of modern cybersecurity. Authors Ed Skoudis and Dr. Paul Maurer explain how timeless ethical wisdom gives birth to the Cybersecurity Oath, which is currently being adopted by security practitioners and leaders around the world.

Inside The Code of Honor:

  • Engaging stories that highlight ethically complex situations commonly encountered
  • Real-world case studies to critically apply hands-on skills
  • Carefully crafted frameworks for ethical decision-making in cybersecurity
  • Timeless principles based on those adopted in countless professions, creeds, and civilizations
  • A complete system of cybersecurity ethics

Essential Reading for Today’s Cybersecurity Professionals

  • C-suite leaders and executives
  • Front-line cybersecurity practitioners
  • Students preparing for careers in cybersecurity
  • And more!

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Cybersecurity Pledge

Join us in upholding the highest standards of cybersecurity ethics. Download and personalize your Cybersecurity Pledge based on principles elaborated in The Code of Honor.

Ed Skoudis

About Ed Skoudis

Ed Skoudis is the president of the SANS Technology Institute, as well as the founder of the SANS Penetration Testing Curriculum and Counter Hack. He leads the team that builds NetWars, Holiday Hack, and CyberCity. A consummate presenter, Ed is a keynote speaker appearing internationally at conferences, and he is an Advisory Board member for the RSA Conference, a series of IT security conferences held each year.

Ed has taught upwards of 40,000 security professionals globally, and his countless contributions to information security have had an immense impact on the community. His courses distill the essence of real-world, front-line case studies he accumulates because he is consistently one of the first authorities brought in to provide post-attack analysis on major breaches. He’s not just an expert in the field, he created many of the founding methodologies employed by governments and organizations around the world to test and secure their infrastructures.

Paul Maurer

About Paul Maurer

Dr. Paul J. Maurer is the president of Montreat College and is currently the fifth longest-serving president among the 36 independent colleges and universities in North Carolina. He is a visionary and results-driven leader, who has more than 30 years of leadership experience in nonprofit and higher education administration.

Under his leadership, Montreat College has become a national leader in cybersecurity education and workforce development, working with leaders at the highest levels of the North Carolina and United States governments. Designated as a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Security Agency (NSA), the college is developing plans to build a state-of-the art cybersecurity building to serve the needs of North Carolina and the region, as well as to strengthen the economy of Western North Carolina. The college has created the Carolina Cyber Center (C3) to accelerate workforce development for North Carolina through The Academy and will soon provide cybersecurity services to small and mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.

A published author and frequent speaker, Dr. Maurer earned his Ph.D. in political science from Claremont Graduate University, where he was an H. B. Earhart Fellow and a John M. Olin Fellow. He earned his B.A. from the University of Cincinnati, where he was co-captain of the men’s soccer team. He earned his Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. Maurer is a scholar of the American presidency and teaches American Constitutional History. In his free time, he enjoys biking, golfing, and spending time outdoors. He also has a special talent for cutting his own hair. Dr. Maurer and his wife, Joellen, have been married since 1989, and have four children, a daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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